Field Upgradeable and Expandable

The Oceabotics ROVs are underwater electronics and software platforms that are outfitted with various accessories for a diverse number of industries and underwater professionals. Customize the Oceanbotics SRV-8 and SRV-8X to succeed at any mission that you encounter.

RJE Oceanbotics™ exclusive 8 thruster DVC gives full 360° maneuverability along 6 axes and advanced programming reduces the time needed to train an operator. Using a standard Xbox joystick controller, the operator “flies” the SRV-8 with near-instant familiarity.


Blueprint Subsea Oculus Integration Kit

Easily integrates the BluePrint Subsea Oculus 3D Imaging Sonar with the SRV-8 using the Sonar Oculus Integration Kit w/mounting bracket by Oceanbotics

BluePrint Subsea Oculus 750

A general purpose dual-frequency 750kHz/1.2MHz sonar offering up to 120 meter range capability for navigation and high resolution imagery for near field target identification.

BluePrint Subsea Oculus 1200

The high resolution, dual frequency (1.2MHz/2.1MHz), M1200d may be used for specialized inspection tasks where image quality is critical with ranges up to 40m.

BluePrint Subsea Oculus 3000

Offering the highest resolution in the M series range, the dual frequency 1.2MHz/3.0MHz M3000d may be used for specialized inspection tasks where image quality is critical with ranges up to 30m.

Tritech Micron Sonar

The Tritech Micron Sonar is the smallest digital CHIRP sonar in the world and is ideal for use by small ROVs, as a first-rate obstacle avoidance sonar in miniature form.


BluePrint Subsea Seatrac USBL

SeaTrac Lightweight USBL System (X150/X010) multipurpose acoustic transponder beacons are capable of simultaneously tracking asset positions and undertaking bidirectional data exchange.


3 Jaw Grabber

Robotic Grabber with 3 Jaw. This tool is ideal for when strong grip and precision is required for the mission.

2 Jaw Grabber

Robotic Grabber with 2 Jaw cuff. Wide grip for larger objects and strong enough to ensure that you do not let go of the target. Ideal for SAR Dive teams.


The Robotic Cutter Head cuts through material like rope and netting. Aquaculture professionals are most likely to use cutters.

Sediment Sampler

Sampler cups can be installed on the 2-Jaw Grabber Head. This is an efficient and practical option for Science and Research.


HD Color Camera

HD Color Camera – Optional side or rear mount, includes mount for SRV-8

4k Camera

Auxiliary 4K Color Camera – can be side or rear mounted, includes mount for SRV-8

Green Sea Beam Laser Scaler

Green Sea Beam System w/2 -60 degree parallel lines (7mm space) with Internal Battery Power. Uses DL123A 3V Lithium Photo Battery.

Red Sea Beam Laser Scaler

Red Sea Beam System w/2 -60 degree parallel lines (7mm space) with Internal Battery Power. Uses DL123A 3V Lithium Photo Battery


Cathodic Potential Measurement System

Cathodic Potential (CP) Measurement System Manufactured by OT

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

ROV Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge System Includes probe holder and probe.


Battery Modules

RV-8 Spare Battery Modules, Including the aluminum housing, battery assembly, and battery management electronics.

Spare Lights

Two Lights with Underwater Mateable Connector

2 or 4 Thruster Spare Kit

2 or 4 Thruster Spare Kit. Includes Thruster Assemblies
(1 or 2 for each direction) with bracket, connector and screws.

Extended Spares Kit

SRV-8 Extended Spares Kit. Includes 1ea S8-TH2 2 Thruster Spares Kit,
1ea S8-1L Light Assembly with connector, o’ring lube and spare tool set

Flotation Foam Spares Kit

Flotation Foam Spares Kit Includes: Large Flotation Foam Pieces (2ea) and Small Flotation Foam Pieces (2ea).



The Xbox Controller comes standard with the SRV-8. Easy to Learn, Simple to Pilot.

Flight Stick

Flight Stick Assembly for One handed Control of the SRV-8 Includes the Flight Stick with Base and Software to Integrate with the ROV

Mobile Pilot Station [MPS]

SRV-8 Pilot Station – Includes Harness, Digital Interface Module, Rugged Tablet with Sunlight Readable Screen, Xbox Controller and Subnav Software.


We Are Here To Answer Your Questions.

With a quick and easy set-up, near-instant operating familiarity and impeccable underwater visibility, the RJE Oceanbotics™ SRV-8 ROV is the most reliable and affordable remote operating vehicle (ROV) on the market. The topside control console with standard Xbox controller provides intuitive operation for any marine professional.

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