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ECO Magazine’s Polar Edition Feature: Exploration in Unmanned Environments

Recently, the SRV-8 was featured in ECO Magazine's Polar edition. The article 'Exploration in Unmanned Environments' explains how complex ecosystems and underwater regions can easily be explored with the use of a highly maneuverable and adaptable #ROV like the SRV-8. Read the full article here.  "The exploration of our oceans is one of the most important missions to pursue in order to understand life on earth and the impacts of climate change for the future of our planet, and sometimes the most hard to reach places are the most crucial to explore. The arctic circle and northernmost regions of our planet are comprised of frigid waters, unforgiving environments and dangerous obstacles, including sea ice and glaciers that make it almost impossible to research for even the most trained professionals. Although with advancing technology and the use of ROVs, we are able to take a peak under the surface. Most ROVs come equipped with [...]

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SRV-8 Performance Testimonial – Operation in Bass Strait, Australia

"We used the SRV-8 for several jobs earlier this year in Bass Strait, AUS, where the client requirements called for a small, easily transportable ROV system. The SRV-8 performed exceptionally well in strong current conditions that would have made using any other ‘suitcase’ ROV very difficult. The auto heading and depth made conducting a grid seabed survey a breeze and the high definition video is of great quality. We fitted the SRV-8 with a multi-beam SONAR and found the integration to be simple and intuitive. Support from both the Australian supplier and the development team was flawless." -Rod McGinness, Operations Manager, Bass Strait Subsea

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RJE Oceanbotics New Team Member: Shawn Devlin

RJE Oceanbotics™ is excited to announce that Shawn Devlin has joined the team. Shawn is a proven Sales Manager with over 6 years of experience at a leading ROV manufacturer. He also has years of consulting experience working with ROV professionals around the world in challenging environments. We look forward to Shawn helping RJE Oceanbotics™ grow and serve our customers around the world. Welcome to our team, Shawn!

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Veseth AS Survey & Inspection chooses Oceanbotics SRV-8 ROV

Our Scandinavian distributor, BUVI Scandinavia recently supplied Veseth AS with the SRV-8 ROV and interviewed them about why they chose it. Veseth AS Survey & Inspection is a geomatics company based in Bergen, Norway. Geologist Camilla Hermansen explains, "We are 10 employees with broad expertise in geomatics, geology, sea surveying, construction and civil engineering. We use laser scanner, total station, GPS, drone, ROV and multi-ray sonar to create seamless 3D models of land and sea with millimeter precision." "We place high demands on the quality of what we deliver to our customers, which is why it is important for us to have the best equipment available on the market." The also named to Oceanbotics SRV-8 the 'ROV of Opportunity!' Read on for the Q&A between BUVI Scandinavia and Geologist Camilla Hermansen of Veseth AS. Geologist Camilla Hermansen, Veseth AS "We chose SRV-8 because it is very maneuverable, has powerful thrusters, great [...]

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RJE Oceanbotics names BUVI Exclusive Scandinavian Dealer

RJE Oceanbotics has teamed up with BUVI Scandinavia for the distribution of the groundbreaking SRV-8 Underwater ROV in Scandinavian markets. BUVI was established in 2011 by Marie and Fredrik Fleetwood, who started the company with a focus on underwater inspection carried out with ROVs. BUVI serves professionals in underwater services from aquaculture and plant builders, rescue services and Coast Guard, diving companies, environmental organizations and sub sea education. With the broad experience BUVI has from many years working within the marine industry, RJE Oceanbotics is confident in their ability to help spread the word of the SRV-8 superior capabilities operating in some of the most complex underwater environments. The 8 thruster SRV-8 ROV is setting a new standard in the industry with its amazing maneuverability, ease of use, portability and ruggedness.

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