Recovery Mission in Western Australia

Law enforcement and rescue teams worldwide are adopting the SRV-8 for assistance with critical missions. Although tragic, this week the SRV-8 was used in search efforts for a drowning victim and a shark attack victim in Western Australia, near Twilight Beach and Cull Island respectively.  Click here to view more on our Youtube channel. To learn more about the various uses of our vehicle, visit our applications page.

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Oceanbotics Partners with Big Blue Ocean Cleanup

We're proud to join the #oceanprotectionproject with Big Blue Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit whose job is to keep our coastlines clean and protect marine wildlife by providing cleanup equipment to coastal crews. They also run free educational workshops and provide resources for schools around the world; inspiring every generation to take action and protect our oceans and marine wildlife.   

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The SRV-8: International Aquafeed Feature

In International Aquafeed we have covered a variety of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) for the aquaculture industry, and it always amazes me to witness how quickly such technology evolves within the industry. One of the latest examples of a ground-breaking underwater vehicle is California-based RJE Oceanbotics™ SRV-8. This ROV is ideal for use in the aquaculture industry for net and mooring inspections as well as mort collections, with an exciting host of advanced features to boot. When asked what they believed the ROV market was missing, Oceanbotics™ explained their goal with the SRV-8: to create an ROV that operates with precision and dynamic control, is as easy to fly as a drone, is the most maneuverable, and intuitive to allow any operator to perform a multitude of tasks in almost any underwater environment. Oceanbotics™ successfully achieved this goal by developing RJE’s exclusive Dynamic Vector Control (DVC), advanced software smarts that command the [...]

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SRV-8 Action Reel

Operating in complex environments presents challenges, the SRV-8 remotely operated underwater vehicle makes it easy. The SRV-8 action reel features the superior performance of this remotely operated underwater vehicle's exceptional agility and maneuverability. With RJE’s exclusive 8 thruster DVC (dynamic vector control) and advanced programming, the SRV-8 is easily manipulated in most current conditions and underwater environments. This battery-operated underwater drone gives you up to 6 hours of mission time on a single charge and is depth rated at 305 meters, giving you the confidence you need to accomplish any task. Learning to fly the SRV-8 is simple and takes 3 minutes or less to set-up and deploy. The standard Xbox joystick controller allows for intuitive operation for any marine professional. See for yourself in SRV-8 action reel below. Visit our YouTube channel to learn more about this extremely agile and maneuverable vehicle.

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